I’ve been updating the Resilience Outcomes Google+ site. A friend asked me what the site url is, but Google in its wisdom has not made this easy. The site reference is https://plus.google.com/103380459753062778553 !!! What a mouthful and not really a set of numbers I want to dedicate my diminishing neurons on. A partial answer is http://gplus.to/  . Using this site you can get a nickname or vanity url for your gplus site.

So now I can give the url http://gplus.to/resilienceoutcomes and you get to the Resilience Outcomes Google+ site!

My friend Karl H. is going to point out that this is not very resilient, because although Google has a reputation for fairly bulletproof infrastructure I know nothing about gplus.to . Karl you’re absolutely right – it demonstrates why thinking about resilience is so difficult… The Dark side has cookies! Literally in the case of gplus.to.

http://gplus.to/ is almost certainly more fragile than google.com or .Google or whatever it will call itself next month. If http://gplus.to/ goes down then all the efforts of google to support their systems are naught in my case. As such, I am faced on a small-scale the choice faced by all who wish to become more resilient and mainstream security. Do I increase accessibility to the site whilst reducing integrity and confidentiality or not? In this case, the question is not an either or, and rarely is it ever. The answer may be in my case that http://gplus.to/ is used when friends ask me what the site is verbally, but that I always write the full url in posts.