Social Engineering Avoidance Training

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  • Identifying key staff that are targets of social engineering, developing and delivering tailored training on how to identify potential attack

Social Engineering Avoidance Training

If you’ve been watching the hacks of companies around the world, you’ll notice that there is a common theme. High value targets are being compromised by a combination of social engineering and clever technological hacking, rather than one technique alone.

Social engineering should be a big concern for your organisation.

Untrained staff members or even human error can allow a hacker to gain access to the computer network and eventually steal corporate secrets and information. One compromised username and password can cause a serious security breach.

Our studies have shown that

7 in 10 employees will give up their password and username when they are called by the ‘IT Helpdesk’ and asked for it!

Social engineering hacks bypass the millions of dollars that are spent annually on cybersecurity.

Senior Executives and CEOs are most at risk because they have the knowledge and access that criminals and spies desire!

Yet, many social engineering methodologies are well characterised and have been used at least since Kevin Mitnick‘s exploits in the 1970s.

Social Engineering Avoidance Training - The telephone is probably the most dangerous tool in the hacker's arsenal

The telephone is probably the most dangerous tool in the hacker’s arsenal


Social engineering avoidance training is a cost effective solution.

Senior Executives and managers need to take steps to ensure that they and their employees have the knowledge to spot a social engineering attempt and understand that under no circumstances, username, passwords or access tokens be shared with anyone. This practice will work at home and at the office.

Our personnel have experience dealing with information security at the highest levels of government and business. We are also communications professionals, so we can talk to you on your level. Resilience Outcomes can show you techniques to verify that the person on the other end of the phone or the email is who they say they are before you open that attachment or give away your password.

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