Assess Your Organisational Resilience

Tools to assist you to assess your organisational resilience

We are interested in helping your organisation become resilient. Assess your organisational resilience by using one of the free tools. There are a number of available. They may assist when you begin your journey. Often the best way to approach it is to look one developed by an organisation with a similar organisational context and seek to apply that to your situation.

General principles

The general principles and requirements of organisational resilience are.

  • the need for managers to understand better the organisation, its environment and critical business processes;
  • the suitability and completeness of the organisation’s resilience policy and continuity plans; and
  • the organisation’s willingness to implement, and if necessary to adapt, its policy and plans for prevention, mitigation, response, continuity and recovery.

We have seen some organisations where risk and business continuity specialists see organisational resilience as a threat. Either to their way of doing things or just a different approach to their discipline.

Organisational resilience does not replace risk management or continuity planning. Without these two disciplines operating effectively within the organisation, your organisation is very unlikely to be able to get very far along its resilience pathway.

It is much better to approach resilience as an organisational goal, with  risk management and continuity planning applied as management tools.

Other resources to consider

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