From our blog: Individual resilience

Sometimes we forget that individuals are at the heart of all societal structures, whether that is a community, village, town, company, agency or government.  It is easy to play down the importance of working on individual resilience when you are trying to develop resilience in a larger structure, but seriously, if you are building a house, don’t you want bricks that are as strong as possible?

The research is interesting and counterintuitive in some ways, but this much is obvious. Individuals ie human beings are at the centre of all societal structures, they are usually the most expensive part in fact. If you get the people bit right, you don’t have to work too hard to fix the rest.


Sydney Siege

The siege in a chocolate shop in Sydney's CBD ended early this morning AEST. Three people died, including one purported to be the gunman Haron Monis. There will necessarily be intense scrutiny on the forces used to resolve a violent event. However, it is important to...

A culture of entitlement is corrosive

A culture of entitlement is corrosive in a government agency or any organisation I've just come across a USA government document which is both fun to read and educational. Its called the Encyclopedia of ethical failure 2013, its published by the US Defense department....

Online trusted identities – a primer

Online trusted identities – a primer

"Trust is the currency of the new economy" You may have heard recently about the efforts being promoted by the USA and Australia amongst others to promote trusted online identities. There are also significant efforts in the private sector to develop online trust...

He has shifty eyes, but at least we know who he is

A legislative approach that defines as 'sensitive' any  biometric measurement shows a lack of common sense and understanding of the science. A better approach would be to protect those aspects of sensitive personal information  (eg sexuality, political opinion, racial...

Visualising organisational resilience

Visualising organisational resilience

Resilience I've been trying to summarise organisational resilience into a form that can be visualised for some of the people who I'm working with. The key has been to summarise the thinking on resilience as succinctly as possible. Apart from the diagram you can see,...


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