Words of wisdom

A recently released paper by the Australian Government indicates that CEOs turn to their Human Resources departments first when thinking about resilience in their organisations rather than Business continuity or risk managers.

The shocking results come from a survey of 50 CEOs undertaken in 2011/12 which show that CEOs mention HR Departments 10 times and Business continuity/risk managers only 6 times on average.

What do these figures tell us? Well, it would seem that the HR department is better at getting the ear of the CEO than the continuity and risk managers.

There is a silver lining to this story though. The same survey showed that CEOs are likely to consult equally with their board and general staff on matters of organisational resilience. Both boards and staff got a respectable score of 8, still less than the personnel department, but more than the specialists.

Why do you think HR is winning the heart of the CEO over the risk manager?



For more information: – Australian Government